Saco Systems Inc.
The term "Green" has come to represent a way of life in the United States today.  Nationally and locally, governments, businesses, and families are striving to change their practices and habits to better serve the environment.  Whether trading in SUV's for Hybrids, or simply making a concerted effort to recycle more, American's are drastically changing the way we all view our individual impacts on our environment. 

Metal roofing provides an excellent opportunity for businesses and individuals to become green.  The steel and aluminum used in our products is manufactured significantly from recycled sources.  In addition, The majority of  paint finishes used, known as "Cool colors" are in fact energy star rated.  These factors make metal roofing one of the top choices in the roofing industry to gain LEED certification.

Recently, many metal roofing manufacturer's have partnered with solar panel developers to create an aestically pleasing option for solar power integration.  The standing seam panel provides a perfect substrate for the photvoltaic panels to be installed.  The seam profile allows for the panels to be  incorporated into the roofing without an obtrusive apperance.  Please visit Pac-Clad's green products page for more details.

Saco Systems has embraced the green movement in the United States and is proud to offer such "Green" options to you. If you would like to learn more please contact us directly at